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Eagle Vision is a powerful IETM viewer designed to enhance user experience by providing easy access to hyperlinks for various objects, including paragraphs, steps, graphics, tables, and other data module content. Unlike the EPS Previewer, Eagle Vision is a web-based application, offering greater portability and eliminating the need for EPS installation to view publications.

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Eagle Vision

Key Features:

  • Web-Based Accessibility: By setting up Eagle Vision on a web server and linking it with the licensed builder, users can access IETMs on any device with access to the remote server, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones.
  • Comprehensive Support: Eagle Vision supports all data module types currently supported by the EPS Previewer, including graphic formats like CGM and SVG, without requiring any third-party plugins. The graphics viewer in Eagle Vision also supports linking and viewing hotspots.
  • Offline Viewing: Eagle Vision allows IETMs to be downloaded for offline viewing, providing flexibility and convenience for users on the go.


  • Full DM Support: Eagle Vision supports all DM types currently supported in the EPS Previewer, ensuring seamless compatibility and accessibility.
  • Enhanced Graphic Support: Graphic formats such as CGM and SVG are supported without the need for additional plugins. The ability to link and view hotspots in the graphic viewer further enhances the user experience.
  • Flexible Viewing Options: This S1000D Web-based IETM Viewer supports both online and offline modes, allowing users to access content conveniently via laptop, tablet, or phone.

Experience the convenience and versatility of Eagle Vision for accessing and viewing IETMs seamlessly across various devices.

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