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Our innovative Eagle Cloud solution is available for any HTML5 capable browser. No plug-ins or downloads are required. Simply connect to Accumulus by entering the URL, and you will be ready to work!

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Accumulus – Eagle Cloud

What is Accumulus?

Accumulus is a state-of-the-art, fully managed application streaming service.

We securely deliver Eagle applications to any endpoint across the globe, allowing you to scale to any number of users worldwide without the need to acquire, provision, and operate hardware or infrastructure.
Built on AWS infrastructure, Accumulus offers data center and network architecture designed for the most security-sensitive organizations.

While you will need a server for Eagle, you will also need clients to connect to the server.
Our default setup has a server in the cloud for Eagle Server, in a private network without internet access and using encryption for the data storage. While this maintains high security standards, users can connect to the clients from the browser through HTTPS, ensuring that all information between the browser and Accumulus is transmitted safely and encrypted.

How it works?

Accumulus is an ephemeral instance where instances are terminated once the session ends or the user logs out. Upon each login, the user will start a session from the original saved image. This ensures that the user will always be using a clean and fresh application running on the cloud.

By default, there is no persistent storage either, but since any change on the technical publication will be saved on the Eagle DB, that data would be retained. If needed, we can customize our solution by providing persistent storage or creating specific solution adapted to your needs.

The Eagle ILS cloud solution is currently compatible with the following browsers:

Alternatively, you can download the Accumulus client for Windows to connect to the Eagle Cloud.

Accumulus – Overview

A Cloud SaaS Platform for Technical Publications

  • 100% Cloud Based: Operate globally with easy.
  • Cost Reduction: Our solution is cost effective and efficient.
  • Security and Data Privacy: Our platform guarantees the security and privacy of your data throughout all the process.
  • Industry Compliance and Deep Domain Knowledge: Benefit from our understanding of industry compliance standards and profound domain knowledge.

Key Features

  • Easy Access: Always available, everywhere. Access your Eagle applications from HTML5-capable browsers.
  • Performance: High-performance applications with low latency.
  • Security: Supports federated sign-in using SAML 2.0 and data encryption.
  • Storage: Multiple options for persistent file storage.
  • Computing:  Several computing options for hardware configuration.


  • Simplified Infrastructure Management: Eliminate the need to manage on-premises hardware and software, reducing upfront costs and ongoing maintenance expenses.
  • Secure access: Two-factor authentication and encryption ensure secure access from any device.
  • Regulations: Accumulus can help organizations comply with industry regulations and data privacy requirements.
  • Simplifies desktop management: Easy to provision, manage, and scale applications.
  • Meet changing demands: Stay agile and meet evolving business needs.
  • Accu Solutions Support: We handle all issues within Accumulus, including Eagle updates and security maintenance.

Accu Solutions is your partner in achieving precision, efficiency, and compliance in your Technical Publication projects. Contact us today to explore how Accumulus can elevate your S1000D experience.

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Accumulus – Eagle Cloud

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