Pioneering ILS/IPS Automation with Raytheon’s EAGLE Toolset

Leading the Innovation in ILS/IPS Automation
At Accu Solutions, we proudly lead the way in innovation, specifically within the realm of Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) and Integrated Product Support (IPS) automation. Our suite of state-of-the-art tools, coupled with our role as a reseller of Raytheon’s EAGLE Toolset, exemplifies our unwavering dedication to advancing efficiency, precision, and adherence to compliance standards within your projects.

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ILS Software Solutions

Raytheon’s EAGLE Toolset: A Proven Success in the ILS Market

As a reseller of Raytheon’s EAGLE Toolset, Accu Solutions brings you a powerful and proven toolset that encompasses a comprehensive suite of ILS capabilities. This includes logistics support analysis, maintenance planning, technical documentation, and training development. Recognized as a successful solution in the ILS market, the EAGLE Toolset is designed to address the complexities of modern systems, providing an integrated approach to support your project needs.

Proteus: Revolutionizing Technical Publications through S1000D Conversion

Proteus, our flagship S1000D conversion tool, is a beacon of innovation. Customized to convert non-S1000D technical publications into S1000D compliant Data Modules, Proteus simplifies the transition, ensuring alignment with international specifications for technical publications.

LSAR Review Tools: Setting a New Standard in Data Examination

Our LSAR Review Tools stand as a comprehensive solution for scrutinizing LSAR tables, strictly adhering to the standards set by DefStan 00-600 or Mil-Std 1388. Going beyond basic validation, this tool conducts over 100 checks to validate accuracy and compliance. Discrepancies or errors are meticulously compiled into a detailed list, providing a structured overview conveniently exported to Microsoft Excel.

Flatfile to LSAR Comparison Database: Advancing Data Manipulation

The Flatfile to LSAR Comparison Database is a sophisticated two-part tool, offering enhanced capabilities in managing flat files. Initially, the tool executes a batch (.bat) file to meticulously segregate the flat file into distinct tables. This process ensures organized and comprehensible information, laying the foundation for structured data manipulation and analysis.

Data Module Content Builder: Simplifying DM Creation

Our Data Module Content Builder serves as a fundamental tool for constructing Data Modules (DMs) through a user-friendly form. Successfully implemented in the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight (BBMF), this system streamlines the DM creation process. Technical authors initiate the process by populating the form, and the generated output seamlessly integrates into their remove and install DM.

Accumulus: Eagle Cloud

Our Eagle Cloud solution is where Eagle and Eagle Publishing System are available anytime, anywhere.
Our innovative Eagle Cloud solution is available for any HTML5 capable browser. No plug-ins or downloads are required. Simply connect to Accumulus by entering the URL, and you will be ready to work!

Accu Solutions: Your Innovation Partner

As your trusted innovation partner, Accu Solutions is committed to providing cutting-edge tools that elevate your ILS/IPS projects. Our innovative approach to automation guarantees not just efficiency but excellence in every facet of your operations.

Contact us today to explore how Accu Solutions, as the exclusive reseller of Raytheon’s EAGLE Toolset in Canada, can seamlessly integrate these groundbreaking tools into your ILS/IPS processes. Elevate your projects to new heights of efficiency and compliance – your success is our top priority.

ILS Software Solutions



Data Module Builder

LSAR Review Tool

Flatfile to LSAR Tool

LSAR Conversion Tool

Accumulus – Eagle Cloud

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