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Have you ever faced a situation where your end customer expressed dissatisfaction with the results of their translation project? Perhaps it lacked accuracy, sounded robotic, or featured incorrect terminology—the list goes on…

Each translation project at our disposal undergoes a meticulous comparison to the source text, followed by a comprehensive analysis and critique by our team’s seasoned translators. Our editors, known for their linguistic expertise and meticulous attention to detail, boast a track record of elevating every document to a professional standard of quality.

In line with our rigorous quality assurance process, we introduce a Translation Accuracy Check (TAC) program meticulously crafted to ensure consistency, translation accuracy, and the correct utilization of terminology across all handled documents. Post-evaluation of the translated content, the TAC assessor generates an error tracking report, an integral part of our reporting process available for each phase of the translation project.

To streamline and cost-effectively manage translations, a significant aspect of our linguistic asset management involves creating glossaries. Through a process called extraction, we employ a program to statistically construct a glossary, subsequently verified by a terminologist. This method results in the development of a definitive glossary in both source and target languages, guaranteeing consistent translation quality across all communication channels.

The TAC assessor takes on the crucial role of ensuring that the terminology aligns with these glossaries and other approved terminology sources. Moreover, they verify that any process outlined in the source content can be replicated with identical results in the target documentation. The ultimate goal is to maintain uniformity, ensuring both versions of technical publications contain identical information. Errors are meticulously outlined according to an industry-standard matrix, with most project guidelines specifying a defined number of errors per 1,000 words corrected by the TAC assessor. Once the error threshold is surpassed, the document is returned to the initial translation team for rework.

Through ongoing communication between translators and editors, we consistently achieve the renowned standards of quality. The culmination of this process is the issuance of a Translation Accuracy Check certificate, awarded to documents that meet the exacting standards set by our TAC assessors. At Accu Solutions, we can serve as the primary certificate issuer or function as an independent TAC specialist for third parties.

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