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Our expertise extends to serving clients in the aerospace and defense sectors, where handling sensitive or classified documents is routine.

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We prioritize the safety and security of your documents with utmost seriousness, ensuring compliance with federal and provincial privacy laws.

When you choose us, you can trust that your data remains safeguarded throughout the entire process.

Disaster Mitigation and Contingency Plans:

Our measures to uphold data integrity in the face of disasters include:

24-Hour Contingency Plan: Comprehensive strategies are in place to address fire incidents, prolonged power outages, and other emergencies.
Distributed Workforce: Many of our resources work remotely via secure connections fortified by robust firewall protection.
Daily Backups: All files and emails undergo daily backups on separate servers, with additional copies stored offsite for recovery purposes.
Utilization of Virtual Server Farm with AWS: Our partnership with AWS not only boosts processing power but also ensures top-tier physical and data security.

With our stringent safety protocols, official Controlled Goods/ITAR certification, and fail-safe contingency plans, you can trust that even your most critical documents are in the most secure hands possible.

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