Data Module (DM) Content Builder – an Exceptional Solution for Seamless DM Construction in Full Compliance with S1000D Standards

Enhance your DM creation process with our sophisticated DM Content Builder, currently deployed by the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight (BBMF) and meticulously aligned with S1000D standards. This robust system streamlines the creation of S1000D-compliant DMs, empowering technical authors to initiate and complete the process with utmost precision.

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Data Module Builder

Our Content Builder, distinguished by its simple interface, provides technical authors access to a comprehensive array of options meticulously crafted to adhere to S1000D specifications. Covering everything from Warnings and Cautions to Required Conditions, Support Equipment, and Supplies, our versatile tool seamlessly manages repetitive tasks. The automation feature, a cornerstone of our offering, efficiently addresses 80% to 95% of the author’s workload, ensuring unparalleled efficiency and consistency in strict accordance with S1000D standards.

Experience not only accelerated workflow but also an elevated overall quality of DMs. The automation feature impeccably enforces consistent wording and adherence to S1000D specifications, mitigating the risk of oversights in repetitive tasks. Bid farewell to inconsistencies – the DM Content Builder eliminates risks, ensuring standardized, error-free content creation that aligns seamlessly with S1000D standards.

Discover the pinnacle of efficiency in S1000D-compliant DM creation – choose the DM Content Builder for a seamless, error-free authoring experience that upholds the highest industry standards!

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