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Neural machine

In the dynamic landscape of Machine Translation, Neural Machine Translation (NMT) stands out as the most efficient engine structure available. While these machines require extensive training, Accu Solutions offers a unique advantage by customizing your NMT engine, saving you significant time and effort.

Harness the power of NMT tailored to your needs by combining your content with our relevant and trained dataset. This collaboration accelerates the process, delivering efficiencies within weeks rather than months or years. Accu Solutions enables the rapid translation of extensive content at a cost significantly lower than anticipated.

Choose from building your own custom engine or leverage one of our 10 trained engines to experiment and determine the best fit for your project. This service is ideal for translation projects with a minimum of 500,000 words or 2,000 pages, and we provide guidance to ensure NMT aligns with your project requirements.

Post-Editing Machine Translation (PEMT)

Our comprehensive approach combines machine translation and post-editing services, allowing us to tackle demanding translation projects with efficiency, staying within budget, and maintaining exceptional levels of quality, precision, and accuracy.

With our machine translation and post-editing services, you can:

Translate massive content volumes at a significantly reduced cost.
Translate and publish large content repositories faster, ensuring fresh content for your audiences, with quality ratings ranging from 95 to 99%.
Publish all your content, including complete archives, in languages that resonate with your readers.
Expand and scale your readership globally, connecting with audiences on a vast scale.
Ensure that your most meaningful content reaches a broader audience than ever before.

Experience the power of Custom Neural Machine Translation with Accu Solutions for efficient, cost-effective, and high-quality language solutions.

Technology Advantage

Custom Neural Machine Translation (NMT)

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  • As the translation industry has progressed, so have we. Harnessing cutting-edge technologies like Machine Learning and AI, we've integrated these invaluable insights into Integrated Logistic Support (ILS), empowering our customers to drive significant transformations within their organizations.

    Steve Desmeules CEO, Accu Solution Services USA

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